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What is HangulDrill?

HangulDrill is a small Android application that helps you to practice Hangul and Korean numbers.

HangulDrill is aimed at intermediate Korean learners. It assumes that you already know Hangul and Korean numbers. But, when trying to read Korean text, e.g. in restaurants or bus stops in Korea, you feel that you are not comfortable because you read Hangul text and Korean numbers too slowly. In that case, you may use HangulDrill to practice reading random Hangul text and Korean numbers. A timer will force you to read them in a limited time.

HangulDrill is configurable in order to match your level of proficiency: you may choose how many words and/or numbers appear and how much time you will be given to read them.

HangulDrill is free and displays no advertisement. It does not ask for any special right on your device.

Where to get HangulDrill?

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Author: Thierry B├ęzecourt (thbz.org). March 2015.